Anonymous said: different anon here, but i just wanted to say that i think it's super awesome that you're including your followers names in your story somehow. it shows how much you care for us all and it's a great way to give back and show appreciation, so thank you for that <3

you’re welcome! && that’s exactly how i wanted you guys to see it so im glad the idea wasn’t too creepy or full on (:

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Anonymous said: what is your book about???

it’s a love story set in 1850s victorian england, in the fictional town of carverleigh, which lies a few miles to the north-west of the (real) city of oxford, in oxfordshire. the story revolves around a small fictional group of the victorian aristocracy, and is told by the hero, ansthruther, and the heroine, evelyn, and mostly concerns those two and their small but fairly intimate circle of aristocratic friends, and is split into two parts - “dusk” and “dawn”. be prepared for love, loss, secrets, lies, gossip and of course, many tea parties and evening balls.

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lady luck and lord fortune are on my side tonight because


such a small thing, but im so happy! this means my followers who i promised would get a mention/small role in the story now shall!

of course, everybody who asked the second time (when the original sheet of paper was thought lost) will still get a mention too (:

yayayayay this is brilliant. a so far great evening to finish off a crappy day.

btw, if you haven’t already asked and would like a small mentioned role in my novella, either as a member of the aristocracy or a servant in one of the main character’s mansion’s - now is your final chance to tell me! reply to this post or message/fanmail me with your full name, and your preferred occupation (out of the two stated)

back to the writing for me, i’m on a victorian inspired roll tonight!

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Diamond Dust

i turn to ice when you’re near me

i become frozen when you speak

i am freezing over hearts and entire cities

from the peak

of my insecurities 

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my dad asked me to help him make dinner to try and cheer me up a bit. Homemade bruschetta and BBQ’d steak were the results. What do you guys think?

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Anonymous said: omg i am fangirling SO HARD over this! i am so excited to read it! will be there any of your poetry in there too?

the entire story is going to be written in rhyming poetry, so yes there will be (;

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_edwin_ on Flickr


_edwin_ on Flickr

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another chapter of the novella has just been finished!

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Sky on Fire (by dillonmoore)


Sky on Fire (by dillonmoore)

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untitled by Millie Clinton / on Flickr.
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