Anonymous said: How on earth could anyone not love a British accent?! Especially yours as described by the lovely zine writer! It sounds to be desirable, to me. Please please do! And if you do, could you please tag it so I could find it if I miss it? Thank you! You're the absolute best, Lewi! Also, reading that write-up from the zine made me want to meet you REALLY badly

of course i will! haha the french don’t as they can never understand what we’re saying but to be honest that’s a two way street as i have that problem when i go to france so…

&& thank you, that’s so sweet. let’s hope we cross paths one day!

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Anonymous said: I'm so sorry if you've been asked this 100 times before, but I'm curious: have you done an accent challenge video? If not, please consider doing one! Unless, of course, you don't have time or are not comfortable. In either of those cases, I'll slink back to my corner of the internet.

i did it once before dear anon but twas a while back! i dont really like my voice it’s not high pitched but it’s not deep and people either love my accent e.g. americans (love you guys <333) or hate it e.g. northerners and the french because they can’t understand me >< maybe if another accent challenge post rolls around i’ll consider doing it for you!

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Anonymous said: can i just have your life plz your parents sound like such chill people and you've obviously done some amazing things during your life and have some amazing stories to tell i would love to be sitting with you right now as you tell me more of the little adventures that you've been on :)

thank you, i’ll be sure to tell them both that! && sure, bring some marshmallows and a bottle of elderflower cordial to quench my thirst and i’ll tell you whatever you’d like to know!

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Anonymous said: that interview was such a great read! thank you for sharing that with us mr portrait! by the way, how you treat a potential girlfriend isn't creepy at all, i thought all of those points were so sweet and adorable and i would love a future boyfriend to be like that with me. i hope you're having a lovely day <3

you’re more than welcome! && thank you so much, that makes me feel a bit better about it all haha :3

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through the georgian windows
i feel the sunlight rushing in
as my lips explore
the galaxies in your skin

garnet portrait // tasting stardust

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Anonymous said: garnet your interview is so fab and you should be so proud of it ♡♡♡♡ //

yayyy thank you anon, i shall be!

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Anonymous said: can i just say that your response about rich kids from the pov of a fellow rich kid was fucking spot on. you absolutely nailed everything wrong with bratty, upper middle class teenagers in just a few sentences and it's SO refreshing to see someone with a good head on their shoulders who can appreciate their family's wealth and money in general without being an asshole about it. you rock mr portrait!

i really appreciate that, thank you.

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pleasemindthecat said: Leew that interview was lovely!! Made me wanna meet you even more haha. She wrote it well too, very intimate. And I'm jealous of how it all happened, sounds like something from a film :D Congratulations on your taste of success ;D

morning you. can’t sleep either?

haha im glad (; and im glad you liked the interview too! i very nearly bailed on her when i was on the bus lololol as i was so nervous but she was so friendly and kind and sweet and looked just like corrine bailey-rae and made me feel so welcome. 

haha thank you! next stop - nylon, vice or i-d magazine eh? (; (;

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"I’VE STOPPED HOLDING ONTO HEARTBREAK" I Talk To Upcoming Poet & Writer, Garnet Portrait, About Love, Life, Dreams & Why He Is Taking None Of Your Shit

guys the interview/discussion chat i did for my new friend annie’s about-to-be-launched zine, qt! was e-mailed to me a couple of hours ago, and i thought you should all deserve to read it! i was really nervous but it was so much fun and so thought provoking! let me know what you thought of it (:

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Anonymous said: would you write poetry if we gave you prompts?

maybe if i liked it? im at my mum’s house tonight and the internet is being a real douchefart so if i don’t get yours in time and you’d like to send me one please don’t think im being ignorant n that!

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