Goodbye Oxford…

Goodbye Oxford…

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Today is my last day in Oxfordshire…

I spent the day at my favourite place in the whole county, Blenheim palace, with my very good friend Georgie, followed by a huge McDonald’s and an early sunset drive around the Cotswolds.

Now I am about to play video games with my brother, and then share some wine with my dad before having a long bath and getting a good nights rest in prep for the move tomorrow.

It’s really happening eh…

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John O’Connor - Pentonville Rd. London 1888


John O’Connor - Pentonville Rd. London 1888

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perfect spring soundtrack:sigur rós
perfect summer soundtrack:sigur rós
perfect autumn soundtrack:sigur rós
perfect winter soundtrack:sigur rós
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Hello my love,
I simply adored spending the day with u earlier this week :) I cried after u left me. I want u to have a happy life with a smile on your face my darling and a reason to get up in the morning and a man or woman that loves you like you deserve!! but alas I am just your mum that loves you with all of my wretched heart and soul! I am going to miss u more than words can say and I worry about you so much I just want you to be safe.
Love you always and forever and then back again.
Your mother :) xxx

I just received the aforementioned email from my mum and it reduced me to tears. I’m normally quite a private person in a lot of areas but I felt compelled to share this.
Learn to forgive. Learn to forget.

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baths // plea


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can i handle playing the season finale of the walking dead video game at 11.41pm though after an already pretty emotional day? i hear the ending is soul destroying has anybody already played it???

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