send me questions and ask me things. i’m also willing to answer questions about my novella too (:

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you know what I CAN DO THIS

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Anonymous said: I worry about you sometimes. Stay strong, okay? Even when things get terrible, always know that I love you and others love you too. Okay? There's so much out there for you to discover, you just have to stay strong. I have faith in you. :)

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toyskeleton said: Hey! It's been awhile. Keep your head up ! Everything gets better eventually. Sometimes that eventually seems far off, but it will show up.

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Sunrises, 2014 | by Wouter Van de Voorde

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all of this training which i have been doing to both strengthen and tweak my mind to avoid self-doubt and negativity from others through guided meditation, asmr, supportive friends and generally not caring (although that last part is so hard) is finally beginning to bear fruit. it feels like sand being washed off my body after a day at the beach - that gritty, uncomfortable feeling has mostly gone, but you still have the sunburned skin underneath to deal with. but there are creams and ointments for that which will soothe and heal it completely given time (in the form of friends, writing my novella, cannabis and laughing so hard i snort over programmes like parks & rec & peep show) so i’m hoping i can keep thinking like this and when i move to bristol no fucker will be able to stop me and i can focus on putting me first once again and doing what i want to do rather than what other people expect me to do and focusing on making Garnet Portrait success yes yes YES.

riding dat wave.

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it’s nice to know people care tbh

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theglycoprotein said: If you so much as dare to let that gorgeous heart of yours close itself off and become numb then I swear to God I will prise it back open with bloody hands. You. Can. Do. This. I know you don't think you can right now, and I know it's hard, but if I've learned one thing in all the shit I've been through, it's that the hard things are the things most worth doing; they're the things that will get us where we want to go. You can do this, Lewi. I know you can, and I know that YOU know you can.

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going to sleep now where hopefully i won’t wake up multiple times throughout the night due to anxiety but will wake up as a victorian aristocrat instead!!!

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i’m getting good at making these. music and writing are all that’s getting through right now.

ellie goulding // dead in the water

london grammar // help

the honorary title // dilute

elisa // dancing

des’ree // kissing you

ed sheeran // photograph

stars // look up

sebastien tellier // l’amour et la violence

crystal castles // tell me what to swallow

baths // plea

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