What You Do, What You See

there’s a hole in the world, the birds now only sing when it’s cold and time has lost all meaning, slipping through our hands like water, the same fingers that trap the lightning from the sky and feel only the static when they touch yours. 

guns & swords are not your weapons but words which you wield with such sorcery it goes beyond art or poetry. you were my leviathan and i the waves of your sea. you really did care for me once, and now i have my foot stuck in the wheel of fate, grinding my teeth subconsciously, thoughts of you wearing me down to the bone, where the very essence of alone sleeps sound, known that soon, the dream will be over.

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I Told You This In My Sleep

i want to walk the streets of suburban tokyo
hand-in-hand with you
a slight breeze rustling our shirts and hair
our footprints on the wet concrete
reminders that we once stood there

and the rain will have just stopped
and the light of the sun as it parts the clouds
will shine upon windowpanes
and metallic bike frames
propped against stone walls like props
and small birds will fly free
from the delicate sakura tree

but right now i cannot stop crying
and i don’t know what is wrong with me

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xv. a city of sparrows 



I tell you I’m messy
a snarl of broken strings

you speak of violins


i might build you a boat

sugar-spoked hulls
and candied anchors

we could drown quickly
crest the mallow sea-foam
we could die young
salt-specked amongst the urchins

there is something romantic

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mmmmmbop asked: hey honey, can you recommend any good tags to use when posting poetry to tumblr?

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or you can tag with it #twc (tumblr writing community) too and share it with the lovely guys & girls who also post their poetry on here! looking forward to seeing what you have to post love!

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Time Spent Together


I hate thinking
about the time
that we spent

(The time that
was wasted,
because you 
loved someone
else. And all
I did was
love you

But it’s all
I can think
I live for you.

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Six Word Poetry - “Simple Truths”

all i
need is
your love

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£1 Thoughts

upon your bed i wonder
why couldn’t our time together play out as straight 
as your spine
which i trace with the fingers of one hand
the other nursing a glass of wine
fervently wishing to be your skin
to be with you longer
and know the workings within
your heart of
fog and ghouls
and the mind that commands those lips
those two magnificent, flesh shaped tools

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A Message 


On the first day back at school
After summer, I waited for you
In the corridor.
I wasn’t sure what I was going to say.
The whole “how was your summer?”
Thing seemed like a wasted conversation to me.

I walked into the lunch room and saw you
Sitting at our table with our friends,
Chatting away…

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Cerulean skies a glaciers age
Schematics of the sun the same
The oceans tongue an islands gift
Alone we dream a loners wish

Out here below the faultless stars
Come night Come day Come night they are
Unwrapped Uncaged Pure dreamers jewels
Inlaid by crafts of unknown Truths

Illusions keep us in the drift
Resplendent wings & diamond ships

Alone we weep for jewels obsessed
And reach like thieves before the theft.

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I’m not sure where we’re going
we have crashed and
burned and still,
we grit our teeth and hold our breath
and somehow,
I’m not sure if this is a good idea

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